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2018 broke me 💔

2019 I came back stronger than ever💪🏽

What a year it has been. I just thank God and my family for holding me down and believing in me.

In 2019 I became comfortable with being uncomfortable.

In 2019 a stepped into a boldness unseen to the world.

In 2019 I stepped out in faith and left a toxic job to become an entrepreneur.

In 2019 I started 2 businesses. www.freedom-steps.com

In 2019 I launched my website www.journeythroughhealing.com and I shared my story with the world.

In 2019 I launched my YouTube channel Journey Through Healing https://youtu.be/77nO2qbKJrY

In 2019 I cross international borders twice.

In 2019 I’ve been to Mississippi several times, Las Vegas, Ohio several times, Detroit, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Buffalo, NY, Miami, Grand Tuck, Bahamas, and Washington D.C.

In 2019 I swam with string rays.

In 2019 I got my first tattoo.

In 2019 I earn certificates in meditation, nutrition and hydration, and I’m working on a few more.

In 2019 I found ME!!!

God has some things in store for 2020 and I can’t wait!!!!



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