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Today, as I was in my backyard cleaning up around my flowers and butterfly came and landed on my finger and stayed there for quite some time until I shook in off my hand.

This butterfly stayed with me for about 2 minutes. Just resting peaceful on my finger. I’ve always heard that when butterflies come around you is a good thing and to have one land on you is powerful.

My parents were over at the time so I asked my what it meant. Butterflies normal do not land on someone’s finger and remain there. I had walked around with it on my finger for a while and after I shook it off it still remained near to to me; even leading on my shoulder.

My mom said it meant something good was coming my way.

I am a person that does believe in signs and wonders. I asked myself is God trying to tell me something. Then later this evening my mom called and told me about a book a Prophetess wrote and within this book she talked about butterflies and there meaning.

Butterflies symbolized transformation and growth. So my mom tells me that that book says when a butterfly lands on you great things are in store and a transformation is about to occur. I thought WOW.

So, I begun to research what it meant. What I found was that you shouldn’t take having a butterfly land on you lightly. It can mean a number of things. Must plenty positive.

I came across one meaning saying that when a butterfly landed on you that is your guardian angel 😇 reminding you that they are went you. I immediately thought of Aiden letting me know that he is always with me.

Another meaning was that riches are coming my way. Now, with me being a new entrepreneur I can very much agree with that meaning as well.

I’ve been praying for so long for a sign and today I got one.

Click out this link on butterfly meanings…



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