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Lately, I’ve been thinking did I make that right decision in leaving my career to become an entrepreneur. I know that it was not going to be easy or that success would just happen overnight but I can honestly say that this has been the happiest I have been in a long time.

It inspires me that I am inspiring other people and that they find hope and courage in my message.  This is new territory for me. I know that I am not the best writer or the speaker but God placed this on my heart for a reason. One day I hope to understand but for now, I’m just going to trust Him. That is all I can do.

I am so grateful for the support system that I have. It truly breaks my heart when I come across a story where the couple breaks up after they had the unfortunate experience of losing their child. I know that fathers hurt too, I just feel that for the mother it is a bit harder for her because a being was growing inside of her. Her body was changing and don’t forget about the hormones. Post-partum depression is real. Now, add to that the loss of your child and relationship. That has to be a really tough going.

Many women do not know the kind of support that is out there. I believe because it is due to the lack of this topic being discussed when 1 in every 4 pregnancy will end in the baby passing away. This is a very difficult topic to discuss because it makes people uncomfortable. It only makes people uncomfortable because it is not discussed enough. I want to help put an end to that. Let’s discuss this more just like any other topic. It is not to be ashamed of. Truly, it should be celebrated. It takes a strong woman to bounce back and elevate herself after losing her child. Some women, unfortunately, do not take it so well. It is devasting and without support, I can only imagine.


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