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A few weeks back I was talking with my great aunt and my mother and out of nowhere, my great aunts mentions how her son wishes his sisters were alive. I was quite confused because the sister I knew of was alive. As the conversation continued my great aunt share her story with me.

My great aunt had experienced infant loss three times in her life. A set of twins and a daughter. All I could do was sit back and listen. Even though that was so long ago I could still feel the hurt in her voice as she spoke of her children. She remembered exactly where they are buried. I don’t remember her mentioning their names but she did share that when she was pregnant with her daughter she was not aware she was even pregnant because she was still getting her period and when she went into labor she had no idea what was going on and was scared. She was so scared that she feared for her life.

She recalled telling the doctor “please save me”. She had felt that her child had passed away due to the lack of prenatal care and her life at the time. Because when you are pregnant you don’t do certain things and during that time they did not have the medical technology we have today. She said that she was thankful to have lived and that she buried her daughter in the back of the house where she had grown up.

She didn’t go into much detail about the twins. Just where they are buried. I was completely in awe. I had no clue about this and no clue had we even started to talk about the subject.

A mother never forgets her child, even where others have.

Once we got in the car I had asked my mother about it. She told me that she did recall the daughter but not the twins. This led me to think about how many women that are going through life still silent about the child(ren) they have loss and no one to share it with or comfort you.

I don’t want to be that woman. I want others to be able to share their stories and not feel ashamed.

I am glad more and more women are speaking about their experience.

Just remember the statistics is 1 in 4 and I truly believe that.

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