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I’m trying to conceive TTC

Getting pregnant is harder than what people think. Some people are lucky I guess or just extra fertile.

Conceiving a child is not that easy as many couples around the world are trying to conceive with little or no luck. Going through the process of conceiving a child is a very difficult one. People talk about how they plan their pregnancies and many do it daily. Some people get pregnant right away, some take time, and some realize that in the process of trying to conceive that they need a little help from a fertility specialist.

When we first started out trying to conceive we had a plan that after a year of marriage we were going to try to have our first child, so when the time came I got off birth control and that’s when everything hit the fan. That’s when I realize that I had fibroid tumors and that eventually, they’ll have to be removed to even give me a chance to conceive.

After going through the process of getting my fibroids removed I had to wait an additional 6 months to recover from the surgery to make sure I healed and was able to hold an egg with no problems. Once six months had passed it was probably in September 2017 doctors gave me to okay to try.

So we got on a schedule. We were thinking we’ll get pregnant right away; like the doctor said everything was fine so it shouldn’t be any problem. Then 3 months past, 4 months past, five months pass and then I was like okay maybe something isn’t right. No one knows this but we actually did go to see a fertility specialist. I need to see exactly what was going on because at that time I was like something is wrong with me, why can’t I get pregnant. Is something wrong my body is damaged. I had so many mixed emotions and feelings because when you’re trying and it doesn’t happen that plays a toll on you. It plays a big psychological toll on your psyche. You feel ashamed. You feel unworthy to be a woman and truly no woman should have those thoughts and feelings but it’s natural because you want something and you’re trying to get it with no luck.

After going to see the fertility specialist I took two tests and they both came out fine. My husband took the only test for men. It’s crazy how women have to go through multiple tests and men just one and it was a lot easier and more pleasurable than the female test. Once the three tests came back for both of us fine I decided not to take the third final test because I did some research and a lot of women said it was painful and I was scared and nervous.

I just started to pray more and trust God. I had the mindset of if it’s meant to be it will be but this time I realized that I was putting a lot of stress and a lot of pressure on my body.

After talking with a friend of mine that went through the process of trying to conceive she gave me some tips that she felt worked for her and her husband. Immediately after talking with her not even a month later we had conceived. I did incorporate something that people said that worked for them in there TTC efforts.

Many women use ovulation tests and take their basal temperature to make sure that they are at optimum fertilization and are ovulating. During the process of TTC, I learned about different lubricants that were products as an aid to help sperm swim. I researched different supplements and natural remedies. I went full in the first time around but when I stopped worrying and let God that’s when it happened.

This time around I know that I can get pregnant so I’m not as worried and stressed but I do want to make sure my uterus is ready and healthy.

I have begun taking supplements that help support reproductive health and ovarian functions. Plus, I just want to have fun this time around. Last time felt more like a chore. We were on a schedule and everything and it wasn’t fun. The love wasn’t present and it felt forced. I definitely do not want it to feel like that again.

Truly, we are in no rush. This last year has taken a toll on my marriage and we are getting back to loving each other and having fun again. Plus, I know my husband isn’t fully ready again and we have to be in agreeance. He wants to follow with the doctors said and wait 18 months because that is the recommended wait time between pregnancies but the way I see it, I wasn’t full term nor that big so I don’t feel like my body shifted that much but I don’t know that I have scar tissue to worry about. That is why I am taking supplements.

It’s going to be an interesting journey and I’m ready for it!


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