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2019 was definitely a year of growth and discovery. I had time to really find myself. I realized that I was doing things that did not make me happy or did not bring me joy anymore.

I have been extremely blessed to have a mate that has been by my side as I  figured things out. I know that somethings he didn’t understand but was there every step of the way. I owe much to him for being a great man and provider.

Enough about him…

What I been up to is this. I’ve been educating myself. I know that life is an ongoing learning expedition. That one can never stop learning especially if you have a vision. My vision has always been the same and that is to help others but the capacity to how I help others is different. 

When you go through something that made you feel like your body failed you, you try to figure out why. Now, I will probably never know why my body did what it did but I’m focused on improving my overall health and wellness and helping others do the same.

If you read my last post I mentioned obtaining a few certificates.


These are just the first of a few. I dedicated to this. Going back to school to obtain the other degree really isn’t on the table right so gaining professional development certificates will have to do for now. I’m still learning quite a bit. These are walking in the park, easy programs that’s why it’s taken me a little longer completing the others. It’s like I’m truly back at school.

I find so much joy in learning these new skills and sharing them with others. Remember, this is a journey through my healing. Each day I dive deeper and deeper into understanding our bodies, our minds, and our wellness. It’s incredible what you learn when you seek answers.

One of the first things I learned was the power of your mind. Mindset is everything. With the right mindset, you can manifest great things to unfold in your life.

Check out this article. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/seeing-what-others-dont/201605/mindsets

Now, when you add meditation you step into a whole new level for your life. Meditation and gratitude are the keys to my mindset. Always seeing the positive and learning how to control my thoughts.

Let me challenge you to start a meditation and gratitude practice in your life. I guarantee you that your life you change if totally practice and believe them.


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